Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A new year, and a resolution to return to writing. Like cranking an old engine sitting too long in a cold, dusty garage, ideas and words don't want to rumble up yet. No matter. Practice makes perfect. Right?

The most difficult part of this is coming up with an overriding theme to serve as glue to hold future posts together. If I remember anything from my reporting days, it's best to write the story first and figure out the title after the fact. No such luck here. A blog requires a title, which suggests a theme has been chosen.

I protest! I rant, internally of course, and to a degree that hardly constitutes a rant but rather a fleeting moment of indignation that gives way to resignation. A vague title that suggests nothing is selected and I am satisfied, free to ramble about things most dear to me: family, classic movies, creaky staircases, prog rock, travel, dryer lint, Dashiell Hammett, Disney World, homemade ice cream... The possibilities are endless!

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