Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Madness

No, not basketball. I'm talking about everything other than basketball, in fact.

I keep trying to find time to write a new blog, to grasp a few minutes to come up with an idea, steal a moment or two to flesh out a concept. Unfortunately, March simply won't allow it.

When I think I'll get a small break from work when I can jot down a few sentences, the phone rings or a project presents itself. When night falls and I think I'll sneak away to the computer downstairs to write a paragraph or two, I fall asleep.

I want to blog. Really, I do!

I just don't seem able to grab hold of an idea and see it to fruition while this crazy month of March insists on throwing homework, concerts, school plays, band competitions, business trips, new reports, job evaluations, new accounts, church, PTA, and family at us. Presently, five unfinished blogs are cluttering my dashboard and demanding I finish them.

All I can say is, "Watch out April!" Once this March Madness finally ends, I fully expect to unleash a rapid-fire string of blogginess unparalleled in recent blogosphere history.

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