Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Perfect Birthday

Well, it's my birthday and I don't feel a year older. I did two weeks ago but my back is feeling much better now -- lots of stretching and regular exercise. My doctor did advise to start taking Centrum Silver but I think I'll keep alternating between that and my kids' Disney Princess gummy vitamins.

I can't imagine a better prospect for a perfect day.

No big party is planned. No present is needed or expected. Just a quiet morning relaxing in bed, followed by a little time on the treadmill, and now leisurely planning breakfast for the kids while the boys play with Legos behind me and our daughter lounges in her room watching television and checking her phone for messages.

Later, my lovely wife will take me to Dugan's Pub in the village for the world's greatest Buffalo chicken sandwich and beer-battered fries. Clearly, this combination calls for the accompaniment of a draft import beer. It might not be fancy but it is what I'm craving and, after all, it is my birthday and I'm going to indulge.

The rest of the day? Oh, a little grocery shopping and then back to spend it with my lovely wife and children. It doesn't get much better than this.

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