Friday, May 13, 2011

Bloggie Limbo

So, Blogger has been down since Wednesday.

Not that I noticed straight away. It wasn’t until yesterday, when My Lovely Wife bemoaned the lack of recent posts, that I tried and failed to log in due to the service being down. Actually, My Lovely Wife didn’t so much bemoan the lack of recent posts as she bemoaned the lack of recent good posts. Ouch!

Since I typically publish new posts only two or three times a week, the inaccessibility of Blogger really isn’t all that impactful on my bloggericiousness.

Measured on the great bloggometer -- which runs from “I Wrote One Post Then Gave Up” all the way to “I’d Kill a Nun Holding Three Kittens and an Orphan In Order to Publish My Next Post” – I am somewhere between “Mildly Amused” and “Reasonably Dedicated.”

If anything, Blogger being down is a welcome treat. Nothing new posted? Blame blogger. Can’t come up a good idea for the next post? Doesn’t matter! Couldn’t post it if I wanted to.

At this crazy busy time of year, Blogger being down gives me a guilt-free break from blogging that I am finding strangely therapeutic. Maybe I can take this time to think of some “good” topics to write about.

2011 Mark Feggeler

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