Friday, April 13, 2012

Bond the Beer Swiller

I was never one of those kids who went crazy over James Bond. To be sure, I saw the movies and enjoyed them, but I also enjoyed Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch, too, so it wasn't like I had impeccable judgement.

All these people getting upset over the new Bond drinking a brewskie instead of his signature martini seems so silly. They probably are the same ones who got up in arms about him being a blonde. Does it really matter what he drinks?

Anyway, maybe the Broccoli family finally figured out what old Cubby couldn't, that Bond was a failing industry spectacle -- an overdone, underwritten, under thought, overhyped remainder of cold war days. Before the reinvention of Bond with the most recent version of Casino Royale several years ago, the last decent film in the series was From Russia With Love. Okay, maybe Dr. No, but only because Ursula Andress let her bikini do the talking for her.

I tried watching some of the "classic" Bond films not long ago, and I wished I hadn't. By the time Sean Connery left, they had degraded into what looked, and sounded, like extended versions of Laugh In episodes with a few poorly choreographed fight scenes thrown in. When Roger Moore took over, the whole thing went to hell in a hand basket. Have you witnessed the catastrophe that was Moonraker? I doubt a single person involved with the making of that film wasn't drunk or stoned at the time.

Timothy Dalton? Boring. Pierce Brosnan? Too skinny.

But now, here comes Daniel Craig to reinvigorate the series playing a tough Bond with depth of character in films with better scripts and better production values than any of the rest and people want to bitch about blonde hair and beer? I'm just happy he and the Broccoli family are making good movies.

Mar Feggeler, 2012

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  1. If Ursula's bikini did the talking, what was it saying to YOU? ;)

    I agree. I think Daniel Craig is a breath of fresh air.